Best Ways To Travel From Athens To Lefkada

A complete guide on how to get from Athens to Lefkada in Greece, including KTEL Athens Lefkada buses, driving, flights to Preveza, and why there are no direct ferries from Athens to Lefkada.

ways of traveling from athens to lefkada

Getting from Athens To Lefkada

  • I’d have to say that driving is the easiest way to get from Athens to Lefkada. You can pick up a rental car in Athens, and then head out of the Greek capital to the tollroad system, and then on to Lefkada.
  • The drive from Athens, through the Peloponnese, over the Rio – Antirio bridge and then on to Lefkada is a long one though, and will take you 4 hours and 45 minutes on a good day.
  • Taking a bus from Athens to Lefkada is the second best option. There’s normally around three buses a day, and the travel time is 5 hours 15 minutes.
  • Lefkada doesn’t have its own airport, and the closest airport at Preveza inexplicably doesn’t have direct flights to and from Athens (currently). 
  • There are no direct ferries from Athens to Lefkada. Check a map of Greece to see why!

Athens to Lefkada Driving

Driving from Athens to Lefkada island is pretty straightforward, and you can pick up a rental car in Athens in dozens of different places. The drive out of Athens is the worst thing to contend with, as Athenian driving can be described as chaotic at best!

Using a toll road when driving in Greece

Once out on the toll roads though, you’ll have a smooth journey, with very little accompanying traffic. Just keep in mind that those regular tolls soon add up! (By the way, you can take a non-toll road route, but it’s going to add a lot of time to your journey and be a lot more stressful).

The best route to drive from Athens to Lefkada will take you out of Athens, through the Peloponnese to Patras, over the famous Rio – Antirrio Bridge, and then northward to Lefkada. You can see the route here on this map.

The Rio–Antirrio Bridge, also known as the Charilaos Trikoupis Bridge, is one of the world's longest multi-span cable-stayed bridges and the longest of the fully suspended type. It crosses the Gulf of Corinth, linking the town of Rio on the Peloponnese peninsula to Antirrio on mainland Greece by road

Although Lefkada is an island, it is connected to the Greek mainland by a short bridge. This makes Lefkada one of the few Greek islands you can take a car rental to from the mainland of Greece. Having a car in Lefkada will also be a massive bonus, as you can explore more of the island and visit as many beaches as you can cope with!

If you are looking at renting a car in Greece, I recommend Discover Cars. They work in partnership with the local Greek car rental companies as well as the main international brands. They have pretty good prices, too!

Athens to Lefkada Bus

Buses running from Athens to Lefkada are operated by There's normally three buses a day on the Athens – Lefkada route, and they currently leave at 07.30 Monday to Saturday (09.00 Sunday), 13.00 7 days a week, and 19.00 7 days a week.

Buses traveling from Athens to Lefkada leave from Kifissou Station (sometimes known as KTEL Station A). You can see where this bus depot is here on Google Maps.

If you are traveling directly from Athens Airport, you can take bus X93 to Kifissou Station. When traveling in the busy summer months, consider pre-booking a taxi instead. You’ll thank me later!

This KTEL bus station is an intercity one, and quite a few different companies leave from here going to not only Lefkada but also Epirus, the Peloponnese and North Greece. Remember, you are looking for KTEL Lefkadas!

The Athens Kifissos Bus Terminal, also known as the Athens Central Bus Station – Kifisos, is the busiest intercity bus station in Athens and the second-largest in Greece. It is located in the west part of Athens near Peristeri and Egaleo areas.

Kifissou station can be a bit chaotic at times, which is why I suggest getting there a say a half hour before departure. It has basic facilities where you can get snacks, use the toilets etc.

The bus to Lefkada from Athens arrives at Lefkada Town Central Bus Station. You can see the route the bus will take here

As it’s a long journey from Athens, you might want to spend your first night or two in Lefkada Town when you arrive. Here’s an interactive map showing hotels in Lefkada town. Zoom in and out to reveal more of them!

Booking Athens Lefkada Bus Tickets

Bus ticket prices between Athens in mainland Greece and Lefkada cost around 37.00. There are some reduced fares available, for which proof may be needed when you travel.

Their website has options in English, and it seems reasonably straightforward to book the Athens to Lefkada bus online even many months out in advance. Going through the steps will result in an e-ticket with a QR code being sent to your email address. You should be able to just show this to the bus driver before boarding and you are set.

Athens to Lefkada Flights

For some reason, there is no direct flight between Athens and Preveza Airport (Aktion Arport) just outside of Lefkada. This means the only viable way of flying, is to first fly Athens to Kefalonia, then get a ferry to Lefkada. It doesn’t make the journey a quick one, so for most people driving or taking a bus between Athens and Lefkada would be better than taking a plane.

Things do change – although I wouldn’t hold your breath on this one! To see if there are any Athens to Lefkada (via Preveza and/or Kefalonia) that might suit you, take a look at Skyscanner.

You should note that during the summer season, some low cost airlines and Sky Express fly to a few European destinations as well as Sitia in Crete (why I don’t know), and a few of the Ionian Islands.

Athens to Lefkada Ferry

There is no Athens to Lefkada ferry connection due to the geography of the country. Ferries to Lefkada only go to neighbouring islands such as Kefalonia and Ithaca.

When it comes to booking ferry tickets in Greece, Ferryhopper is your best bet. However, do keep in mind that ferry schedules are often not available until 2-3 months before your travel date. So, if you're planning a trip a year in advance, you might not see the schedules just yet!

Athens Lefkada Travel Questions

Readers who want to travel between Athens and Lefkada often ask questions similar to:

Is there a ferry from Athens to Lefkada?

There is no direct ferry service from Athens to Lefkada. Lefkada is connected to the Greek mainland by a bridge, making it accessible by road. This means that you can easily drive or take a bus from Athens to Lefkada without the need for a ferry.

Is Lefkada town worth visiting?

Lefkada town, the capital of the island, is definitely worth visiting. It's known for its charming architecture, influenced by Venetian, French, and British rule over the centuries. The town is picturesque, with narrow streets, colorful houses, and a vibrant waterfront area. Visitors can enjoy a variety of shops, cafes, and restaurants, as well as cultural sites and nearby beaches. The marina in Lefkada town is also a focal point, bustling with activity and offering a glimpse into the island's sailing culture.

How to get to Lefkada easily from Athens?

To get to Lefkada, Greece, you have several options for transportation with the easiest being by car or bus. The quickest way from Athens to Lefkada is by car, which takes about 4 to 6 hours. There are also bus services available from Athens to Lefkada, with the journey taking the same amount of time.

What is the cheapest way to travel from Athens to Lefkada?

The cheapest mode of transport between Athens and Lefkada is the bus. The costs for normal pried tickets are 37 Euros for the journey.

Where is Kifissou Bus Station in Athens?

The Kifissou Bus Station, also known as the Athens Central Bus Station – Kifisos, is located in the west part of Athens near Peristeri and Egaleo areas. It is situated at the intersection of Kifissos and Athinon avenues. The address of the bus station is Leof. Kifisou 100, Peristeri, Athina 104 42, Greece.

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