Best Ways To Travel From Athens To Zakynthos

A complete guide on how to get from Athens to Zakynthos using direct Athens Zakynthos flights, buses, ferries, and driving options.

how to get from athens to zakynthos

Getting from Athens To Zakynthos

  • The quickest and easiest way of travel from Athens to Zakynthos and vice versa, is to fly from Athens to Zakynthos.  Athens to Zakynthos flights take about an hour.
  • Driving from Athens to Zakynthos is only an option if you have your own vehicle. Car rental companies seldom allow their cars to be taken on ferries, and part of the journey driving between Athens and Zakynthos would involve taking a ferry.
  • Taking the bus from Athens to Zakynthos is going to take around 6 hours, including the ferry crossing. Ferries sailing to Zakynthos leave from Kyllini Port in the Peloponnese.
  • There is no direct Athens to Zakynthos ferry.
  • Dave’s Advice: Taking an Athens to Zakynthos flight is going to be the best way to travel, saving you heaps of time!

Athens to Zakynthos Flights

If you want to travel from Athens on mainland Greece to the island of Zakynthos, the chances are that you are planning a visit there as part of a bigger Greece travel itinerary. However, it’s worth noting that Zakynthos does have an international airport with many European connections. Thought I’d mention it in case it helps the logistics of your travel planning!

If you need to fly from Athens to Zakynthos though, you’ll be pleased to know there are plenty of flights during the summer months. Airlines that fly the Athens Zakynthos route include Aegean Airlines/ Olympic Air, and Sky Express.

sky express plane in greece

The flight itself is just under an hour making it by far the fastest way to get from Athens to Zakynthos. It can be more expensive though, with tickets in the range of 100 – 200 Euros depending on the month. August flights between Athens and Zakynthos are normally the most expensive.

You can take a look at flight prices from Athens to Zakynthos on Skyscanner. Note that if you are traveling in the high season, a flight from Athens to Zakynthos might not have the cheapest price!

Athens to Zakynthos Bus

Zakynthos is one of the Ionian islands of Greece, located on the west side of the country. Therefore, a bus trip is going to involve a combination of bus and ferry.

To travel from Athens to Zakynthos by bus, start by making your way to Athens' central bus station, Kifissos, located at 100 Kifissou Street. If you are going there direct from Athens Airport, you take bus X93.

From Kifissos, catch a KTEL intercity bus heading to Kyllini port, where you'll board a ferry to Zakynthos. The journey typically takes around 6 hours, including the 1.5-hour ferry crossing.

Be sure to check the schedules on the KTEL website or at the bus stops, as departure times may vary depending on the season.

The cost of the bus ticket ranges between €23–€35. Once you arrive in Kyllini, you have to purchase separate ferry tickets before boarding the boat to Zakynthos.

While this route offers a scenic journey, it's longer compared to flying, which takes just one hour. If you prefer a quicker option, consider booking a flight instead.

Athens to Zakynthos Driving

Driving from Athens to the island of Zakynthos is going to involve a ferry ride, so only do this if you have your own vehicle. The reason is that car rental companies don’t normally cover cars if they are taken on ferries, and if you have seen the parking situation on a Greek ferry, you’ll know why!

The route out of Athens will take you via Patras in the Peloponnese and on to the port of Kyllini. From there, it’s a relatively short ferry ride over to Zakynthos. You can check it out here on Google Maps.

Using a toll road in Greece when driving from Athens to Patras port

You are better off using the toll roads when driving in Greece, as they will get you where you are going far quicker. The roads are much better quality too! The tolls are an added expense, but totally worth it when driving from Athens to the Zakynthos ferry.

It will normally be Levante Ferries you want to take from Kyllini to Zakynthos Port. You can find the latest ferry schedule and bookt ferry tickets to Zakynthos and the other Greek islands online at Ferryhopper.

Looking to rent a car in Greece? Discover Cars is your go-to choice. They collaborate with local Greek car rental companies and major international brands, providing affordable prices!

Athens to Zakynthos Ferry

Unfortunately, there are no direct ferries from Athens to Zakynthos. This is one of the reasons it is hard to combine Zakynthos with popular destinations like Mykonos and Santorni in a Greek island hopping trip.

The only ferries to Zakynthos from the Greek mainland leave from Kyllini (sometimes spelt Killini) in the Peloponnese.

In order to book ferry tickets in Greece, I recommend Ferryhopper. Note that ferry schedules are often only published 2-3 months in advance, so if you are planning a vacation for 12 months time, you might not see schedules yet!

Athens Zakynthos Travel Questions

Readers who want to travel between Athens and Zakynthos often ask questions similar to:

Is there a ferry from Athens to Zakynthos?

There is no direct ferry from Athens to Zakynthos island in Greece. The best ferry crossing from the Greek mainland to Zakynthos is to take one from Kyllini Port in the Peloponnese.

What is the best way to get to Zakynthos?

The best way to get to Zakynthos from Athens depends on your preferences. If you prefer a more direct route, taking a flight from a European city that directly serves Zakynthos International Airport is usually the fastest and most convenient option. You can also fly from Athens to Zakynthos as there are regular flights. However, if you have more time or prefer traveling overland, you can take the KTEL bus from Athens to Kyllini, then take the ferry to Zakynthos.

Is it worth going to Zakynthos?

Zakynthos, also known as Zante, is definitely worth visiting for its stunning natural beauty and rich history. Considered safe with friendly locals, the island offers diverse experiences, from pristine beaches to vibrant nightlife scenes like Laganas, catering to various interests.

Can you do a day trip from Athens to Zakynthos?

It might be theoretically possible to make a trip from Athens to Zakynthos and back again in the same day, but only if the flight schedules show an early morning flight out and a late flight back. Even if flights did work out, it wouldn’t leave a great amount of time for sightseeing as Zakynthos is quite a large island.

Are there direct flights from Athens International Airport to Zakynthos International Airport?

Yes, there are direct flights from Athens International Airport (ELA) to Zakynthos International Airport (ZTH). This is generally a better option than taking the bus and ferry due to the significant time savings and convenience. You can check the latest available flights on Skyscanner.

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