Cycling from Cape Lookout to Devil’s Lake on the Pacific Coast Highway

During this leg of the Pacific Coast Highway bike tour, I cycled between Cape Lookout and Devil's Lake. Here's the travel blog from the day's cycling.

Leaving Cape Lookout by bicycle

(Blog post written: Oct 2nd 2009)

The routine of the last few days has been raccoons wake me up at 02.00 by tipping a bin over somewhere and fighting, followed by rain at 05.00, and today was no different.

The rain had stopped by the time I wanted to leave though, which was a result, although a mist hung in the air where the sun was evaporating the moisture on the ground and trees.

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On the bike

Straight into a pretty stiff two mile climb first thing, which unfortunately was enclosed by trees so there were no views to look at.

Once back down the hill on the other side, I stopped in a little grocery store run by Waltons look-a-likes for a coffee and a muffin before carrying on again.


Lovely Beaches

I caught some great views of long, empty beaches, with the waves crashing in, and its really hard to capture  either on film or with words how I feel as I pass sights like that.

On a bicycle, you find yourself soaking up your surrounding, rather than focusing in on a particular object.

Devil's Lake

I decided to stop the night at Devil's Lake state campground in Lincoln City because I like the name. $4.00, free hot showers, perfect.

Apart from when a family decided to pitch next to my area, and their four kids went on a synchronized screaming frenzy for half an hour whilst their parents ignored them.

Lets see how they like Slipknot played at 07.00 in the morning !

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