Cycling from Parador Punta Prieta El Crucero to Guerrero Negro in Baja Mexico

This was a big day of 140 kms cycling between Parador Punta Prieta El Crucero and Guerrero Negro in Baja California, Mexico. Part of my Alaska to Argentina Pan American bike ride. Cycling in Baja California Here’s some rough trip notes from the day’s cycling ride. It was a big distance, but plenty of places … Read more

Cycling from San Agustin to Catavina in Baja California – Bike Touring

During a long distance bike tour, you bump into some pretty odd characters. This was the case when cycling between San Agustin and Catavina in Baja California, Mexico. Cycling to Catavina Blog post written November 11th 2009 After a breakfast of huevos rancheros, I packed up and was on the road for 07.45. Today was … Read more