Cycling from Caucasia to Taraza in Colombia

A strange day cycling in Colombia, where there were hundreds of caterpillars crawling around on the road! Here's my bike touring blog from the day.

Cycling to Taraza in Colombia

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The humidity was a lot higher today, but thankfully the clouds kept the sun back once more. A slightly hillier ride than yesterday, but nothing too outrageous.

The road for the main part ran parallel with a river which is flowing down from the Andes, which the recent rains have swelled even larger. In a way, its fast running brown waters reminded me of rivers in Asia.

The rains have come at night so far, which is a relief, as I have no rain gear, although I am expecting to get a little wet the higher I head up into the mountains.

I spent a good deal of the day trying to avoid cycling over the hundreds of caterpillars which were crawling on the bitumen surfaced road – The world needs more butterflies!

Taraza in Colombia

I made the town of Taraza by midday, and chose to stay in Hotel La Bomba, which was attached to a petrol service station.

At 15,000 pesos it was cheap and cheerful and a good place to rest the afternoon away, as I knew the next couple of days would be a lot tougher.

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