Cycling from Planeta Rica to Caucasia in Colombia

This is the bike touring blog from my day's cycling in Colombia. This update covers cycling from Planeta Rica to Caucasia in Colombia.

Cycling from Planeta Rica in Colombia

Bike Touring in Colombia

It had rained overnight, and was still overcast as I set out in the morning, bringing the overall temperature down by a couple of degrees.

Again, the cycling was pretty easy over rolling hills, and I was feeling much better.

An hour in, I stopped for breakfast which was just the job, and then ten minutes later, I stopped in at an internet café for a half hour to check up on some emails. At 1000 pesos (50 cents / 33 pence) internet access in Colombia is cheap and fast.

The final 10 kms into the city of Caucasia were a little more hilly, but nothing in comparison to the Andes, which now lay just a few days ahead of me.

A single room in Hotel Genesis cost me 18,000 pesos for the night, and was within walking distance of a huge Exito supermarket where I stocked up. A reasonably short day of 70 kms, and I have the same in mind for tomorrow.

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