Cycling from Cintalapa to Chiapa de Corza | Bike touring in Mexico

This bike touring update covers the day's ride between Cintalapa and Chiapa de Corza. Part of my Pan American bicycle tour.

Cycling from Cintalapa in Mexico

Blog post written Feb 8th 2010

I set off at my usual time of 07.00 for a day of two halves. Until 10.30, it was all uphill, and then after a break for brunch, it was all downhill.

I had brunch in a little restaurant that had some interesting looking paintings – I’m not sure if you can pick it all up from the photo or not.

Interesting painting when stopping for brunch when bike touring in Mexico

Flat tyres when bike touring

Just outside of Tuxtla Gutierrez, I got a puncture in the front tyre. As I was swapping the inner tube out, I noticed the state of the tyre, and it is quite imperative that I get new ones!

Despite Tuxtla having such wonders as McDonald's, Burger King and KFC, I pushed on to Chiapa de Corza, where after a bit of searching, I found a cheapy room at 130 pesos. I even picked up a WiFi signal from an unsecured network somewhere!

At nine at night,  I noticed my front tyre was flat again which was exactly what I needed !! Oh well, tomorrow would be a new day on the Mexico part of my bike tour.

Cycling from Cintalapa to Chiapa de Corza | Bike touring in Mexico

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