Bike Touring in Canada – Cycling from Cottonwood to Pemberton

This travel blog post covers the section of cycling between Cottonwood and Pemberton in Canada. I was bike touring in Canada as part of my longer bicycle touring journey from Alaska to Argentina.

Cycling from Cottonwood to Pemberton

(Blog post written September 14 2009)

It's made me really happy during this trip to not only do the actual cycling from Alaska to Argentina, but also to see a big increase in the number of people visiting my little travelogue site.

I put quite a lot of work into it, and will try to take it a step further, by increasing the amount of videos and media there are.

Please feel free to comment or mercilessly take the piss via either youtube or my guestbook !! This video is about a Cyclist's breakfast in bed !

Time to hit the road

I got away from Cottonwood early in the morning, but the downhill sections that I thought were close were denied to me. Three hours of sharp inclines, dips and climbs later, and I eventually hit the downhill sections, but with one small problem….

Now that's a steep road! Bike touring in Canada cycling from Cottonwood to Pemberton
Now that should be a cyclists dream, but it had started to rain, and my brakes were about as effective as a cat flap in an elephant house.

Rocketing downhill with inadequate brakes through the rain, and trying to use my feet to slow my descent in some sort of cartoon fashion is quite invigorating. Well, for the first little while.

After that it becomes a tad suicidal, so I ended up walking some sections with the brakes full on, and it was still a struggle to keep the bike under control. I blame the trailer!


Eventually, I reached a flatish section and could carry on cycling. I reached Pemberton mid afternoon, and found the road I needed to head out to another warmshowers host.

Anna is a cyclist herself, and I was soon made to feel right at home with the holy trinity of shower, laundry and kitchen all pointed out and used! Over a great soup, we swapped stories, and I was interested to hear her stories of cycling in Thailand and Laos, as these are countries I have yet to cycle through.

Anna works a farm with her parents and sister, and as there was some work available, it seemed like volunteering my services was the right thing to do. The next day, I would head out to the farm !

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