Cycling from near Huaco to Wild Camp in Argentina

During my last days of cycling in Argentina, I wild camped a number of times. The same can be said of today, and here's my bike touring blog.

The landscape near Huaco in Argentina

Cycling for water

Blog post written February 4th 2011

A tough little initial 15 minute climb from my wild camp and up to a look out with views over the valley started the day off. I knew it was only 30 km ish to the next big town, but was still concerned about water.

The heat here is quite deceptive, and I have been taking on board a lot of liquids. Cycling down from the mountains, there was an official campsite on the right, and so I filled up with water from there.


There was no need for me to go into the town of Jachal when I finally reached it, as the service station had free water I could fill back up with, and a kiosk over the road had the basics to restock my supplies.

Looking back over the road near Huaco


Back on to the Ruta 40, and onto a long stretch of road. 40 kms ish later I stopped at the village of Niquevil, where I ordered a pizza from a little store.

Pizza Time!

I don’t think I was prepared for the huge mountain of pizza as it came out. I must be losing my powers as I only ate half of it! With the other half wrapped in tin foil, it was carry on time.

Pizza Mountain


The wind seemed to be slightly with me, which given a long, flat and straight stretch of road was a good thing! I carried on until about 18.00 and then called it a day just past a road side shrine.

There was tonnes of water there which people leave in bottles to keep flowers watered – It also makes a great cyclist impromptu roadside shower!! Behind the shrine, there was some land I could get the bike to, and so it was another night of wild camping.

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