Cycling from San Juan to Wild Camp in Argentina

As I cycled toward Mendoza in Argentina, I wrote a blog post a day. This travel blog covers the day's ride between San Juan and a wild camping spot.

Cycling out of San Juan, Argentina

Travel blog post written February 7th 2011

I left later today at 10.00, as I knew that I only had to do about 80 kms today, and I didn’t want to wild camp too early.

The exit out of San Juan was easy, but unfortunately was on a dual carriageway section. Not super busy, but certainly more traffic than I am accustomed to in these past few months.

Media Agua


A slight headwind to make things interesting, but overall not too bad. I stopped briefly in Media Agua to see if there was anywhere to stay, but nothing sprang out.

I carried on twenty or thirty kms more, and then set up behind a radio tower on the right hand side of the road.

last wild camping spot of the alaska to argentina bike tour


Quite an easy cycle for what could be the penultimate day in the saddle, and what is most likely my last night of wild camping. Forgot to put sun block on… have a nice red nose, and it looks like I have panda eyes. Marvellous.

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