Cycling from Limatambo to Cusco in Peru

This blog post is from the day's cycling from Limatambo to Cusco in Peru. Part of my bike tour from Alaska to Argentina.

Cycling out of Limatambo

Blog post written September 13th 2010. Note: For the past couple of weeks, I had been cycling with Agusti, a cyclist from Spain I'd met on the road.

Leaving Limatambo, there was three hours of uphill cycling, but towards the top I was rewarded with some great views of snow capped mountains – A great place to stop to cook up some noodles!

Cycling from Limatambo in Peru


A lovely downhill section with great weather made the approach into Cusco a real pleasure.

A view out over Cusco in Peru


Cycling into Cusco, Peru

Entering Cusco by bicycle

Entering Cusco was like entering a different world. Busy, full of tourists, and businesses catering towards them. We headed towards Hospedeje Estrillito, a place well known on the cyclists circuit for its cheap (in Cusco) rooms, and patio area suitable for bike cleaning.

That wasn’t on the cards initially though – the evening was reserved for food and beer!

And so, for the next week, I plan to take some time out, see some sites and meet up with a friend who is arriving from England. I will also do my best to ignore the bike during this period!

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