Day off in David, Panama – Bike Touring in Central America

After arriving in the town of David, Panama, I decided to take a few days off. Here's what I got up to when staying at the Purple House in David, Panama.

Purple House in Panama

Resting at the Purple House

Blog post written: April 16th 2010

With the supermarket being so great, and access here to a kitchen in The Purple House, it was a wonderful day off!!

Tinned ravioli, boiled eggs, salad, corned beef… endless treats !! I was so busy doing not a great deal, I failed in my mission to get the laundry done, but nobody's perfect.

A little later on, two other cyclists turned up, who are cycling from Mexico to Argentina… here's their blog. . And here: Their blog update in Panama.

As always, it was great to swap cycling stories and hints. They are also planning to get a boat to Colombia, which I decided to try to organise the next day.

In the evening, I was not entirely sure that I was complimented, when I was told that I looked like Beckham and the twins from Bros.

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