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I took another day off in the town of David, Panama, trying to use my time to organise a boat from Panama to Colombia. Here's my blog post from the day.

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Doing odd-jobs in David, Panama

Blog post written: April 17th, 2010

Another day off in the city of David gave me a chance to catch up on answering a few emails, and enquiring about boats from Panama to Columbia.

I have written to the Steel Rat boat, asking for a place on the fifth of May, and am eagerly waiting a reply. This would give me two weeks to play with before I needed to be in Panama City, and the boat has gotten good reviews from other cyclists.

If they don't have a place, I will head straight to Panama City and try to organise another boat.

Whilst I am waiting for the reply, I will hang around in David for a few days, as its a cheap place to base myself, with the dorm only costing 8 dollars.

I also have access to free internet and coffee, books and conversations in English.

Oh, did I mention there was also a McDonalds nearby ??? !!!

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