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A short blog post entry from where I took a day off in Jaen, Peru when bicycle touring from Alaska to Argentina. 

Jaen in Peru
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Rest day in Jaen

This blog post was written as part of my 2010 bike touring adventure from Alaska to Argentina.

A day off in Jaen to do a few odd jobs, like laundry, route planning, emails, bike maintenance and other things.

Giving my legs a rest was much needed, as was stuffing myself throughout the day with all manner of foods both healthy and junk.

A particular favourite is vanilla flavoured wafers. Lovely !

I use time off like this at the beginning of a country to try and get a handle on the prices of things by generally buying a bit of everything. An almuerzo is between 2 and 3 soles in the cheap and cheerful places, finger bananas are 10 cents each, inca cola 1 sole , interent access 1 sole an hour and so on.

Beer is a bit pricey at 2.5 soles though… dreadful !

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