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During my 2010 bike tour from Alaska to Argentina, I spend a couple of months cycling through Peru. During that time, I took a day or two off in Jaen.

Jaen in Peru

Time off in Jaen, Peru

Another day off in Jaen in order to let my legs have an extra days rest before hitting the road again.

I have planned my route out for the next two weeks, and it leads me through some remote mountain passes on the way to Trujillo which is on the coast.

Along the way, I hope to visit Kuelap once more, an archaeological site high in the mountains, a few museums, more sites, and of course experience more of this vast, ancient country. Until the next update folks!

PS – I am now one year on the road! I've cycled through some amazing countries, met some wonderful people and gathered some fond memories. Here´s to the next six months !!

Countries I've cycled through so far on this trip:


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