Day off in Liberia – Cycling in Costa Rica and Central America

My first full day in Costa Rica on the bike tour, and I took the day off. Here's what I got up to in Liberia, Costa Rica when cycling from Alaska to Argentina.

A church in Liberia, Costa Rica

Rest Day in Liberia, Costa Rica

Blog post written March 31st, 2010

Even if I hadn't made the decision to take a few days off for the holiday period, there would have been no way I would have cycled today. All that cycling through the wind has been pretty tiring, and there’s only one solution at a time like this – McDonald's !

Now, I fully realise that my fixation of trying a McDonald's in every country in the world goes against most other travellers and cyclists ethics, but these people really need to go and hug a tree and let me get on with it!

Only two words can describe my culinary experience this morning – Yum, yum !!

Thoughts on Liberia

With that vital task taken care of, I had a wander around the town of Liberia, which is surprisingly modern, clean and upmarket.

This will be a pretty easy place to relax a few days away and rest the legs whilst the holiday period plays itself out.

As I write this, the wind is blowing another good one outside. Words can not express how happy I am to not be on the bike today !!

A square in Liberia, Costa Rica

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