Day off Santiago – Rest and recovery after a hard day cycling

Due to the previous day's cycling in tough conditions, I took a day off to recover. Not a lot to report, as I was basically just resting my legs in Santiago, Panama.

The cathedral in Santiago, Panama
By Apollo18Self-photographed, Public Domain, Link

Rest day in Santiago

Blog post written: April 22 2010

There was absolutely no chance of me going anywhere today. My legs were stiff, the veins were sticking out all zig-zaggy over my temples, and the bike still had its puncture.

At about 10.00 I started to feel physically a little better, just that its a bit late to start cycling at that time.

Instead, I fed and watered myself, repaired the puncture and generally took it easy.

In a way, this may work to my advantage, as this gives me a projected entry into Panama City for Sunday, when I hope the legendarily crazy traffic will be a touch quieter.

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