Cycling from El Bordo to El Remolino in Colombia

I spent around a month cycling through Colombia as part of my Alaska to Argentina bike tour, making a blog post a day. This is from the section cycling El Bordo to El Remolino.

Riding between El Bordo and El Remolino

Blog Post Entry from 27 May 2010: A Nice Early Downhill from El Bordo

Jeff and Rose had left a half hour earlier than me, but the initial 350 metre drop out of El Bordo and the subsequent flatish section that followed meant that I soon caught them up.

I met Jeff and Rose when cycling in Colombia. They were bike touring from Cancun to Argentina

We stopped for breakfast at a roadside restaurant, and then parted company there. They were going to do a shorter day, whilst I needed to hit my targets if I was to reach Ecuador before my visa expired.

The countryside of Colombia Riding between El Bordo and El Remolino

There’s a good chance I will bump into them again in Quito where I will take a week off.

The mountains near El Remolino in Colombia


I felt pretty strong cycling today, possibly due to the constant supply of good filling food, or maybe to do with the coco leaf I chewed before leaving.

The road was not without its dangers though as this truck driver discovered.

An overturned truck in Colombia


There were some nice hilly sections though, and when I hit the town of El Remolino I had definitely earned the right to call it a day – 82 km with over 1000 metres in altitude again.

cactus growing in colombia

Tomorrow promises to be even tougher, so rest, food and liquids were the afternoons activities !

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