Cycling from El Junacilto to Ciudad Constitucion in Mexico

After staying with a Warmshowers host in El Juncalito, Mexico it was time to cycle on to Ciudad Constitucion. Part of my PanAmerican bike tour.

Leaving El Juncalito, Mexico

Up quite early, and had a cup of tea. I haven’t had one in a long time, and it tasted good!

Roberta showed me how the VHF radio for shipping worked, and how a service called ‘The Net’ comes over at 08.00 every morning. The Net is a way for shipping and boats to keep in contact with whoever is in the range of the relay.

There is a set structure to the broadcast, and usefully there is a section where anyone needing a ride can announce it. Although the El Juncalito area does not cover up to La Paz, Roberta announced that I was looking for a ride, with the hope that it may get passed down the line.

Roberta also gave me some information on which Marina to go to in La Paz to ask around for a ride. Roberta cooked a big breakfast, and also gave me a packed lunch, which must have done the trick, as I cycled over 130 kms to Ciudad Constitucion. Thanks again for your wonderful hospitality Roberta!

Roberta my Warmshowers host in El Juncalito, Mexico


In Constitucion I found an RV park with good showers and inclusive WiFi. While I think about it, I cycled briefly with a Portuguese cyclist called Nelson (can’t be a traditional name!). Our paces and goals for the day were slightly different though, so we parted mid afternoon.

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