Taking the ferry from La Paz to Mazatlan in Mexico

After cycling through Baja California, I then took the ferry between La Paz and Mazatlan in Mexico. Here's my travel blog post about the ferry journey to Mazatlan.

La Paz to Mazatlan Ferry

(Blog post written Dec 14 2009 – Bike Touring Diaries Alaska to Argentina)

After a breakfast at my favourite restaurant (25 pesos – bargain!), I got my stuff together and loaded up my bike.

The ride to Pichilingue, where the ferry leaves from, was only 10 miles and non-descript. Pichilingue itself consist of only the ferry terminal/docks and a few eating places.

There was a choice of two companies to use – Bajaferries and TMC.

Although TMC is normally for trucks and cargo shipping, they were quite willing to take my bicycle and me, and at 800 pesos, it was almost half the price of Bajaferries.

Taking the ferry from La Paz to Mazatlan in Mexico
I'd recommend this ferry crossing for other cyclists who want to take a La Paz to Mazatlan ferry – assuming the option is still available of course!

Taking a bicycle on the ferry to Mazatlan

I had to wait a bit until 14.30 when I loaded, and once on board, I propped my bike up against the side of the top cargo deck.

The ferry facilities were pretty basic, with a lounge area with airline style seats, and a dining room.

Two meal tickets were included in the price which made me happy! Sleep wasn’t too bad stretched out over three or four seats, despite the snoring from some of the drivers!

The seating area inside the ferry from La Paz to Mazatlan in Mexico

Soon, my cycling adventure would continue on the mainland of Mexico!

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2 thoughts on “Taking the ferry from La Paz to Mazatlan in Mexico”

  1. Hi Dave, I’m planning on taking this ferry on an upcoming trip later this year – probably November time – I’m just wondering if you had to book in advance or did you just turn up at the port and catch the next one? I’m hoping to be able to just turn up so I don’t need to stick to any specific dates.


    • Hi Luke,
      It was a long time ago now, so things might have changed. I remember I stayed in La Paz a few days trying to get a free ride but didn’t have any luck.

      If I did book this ferry ride advance it would only have been a day or two while staying in La Paz.


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