Cycling from Lak la Hache to 70 Mile House in Canada

Leaving the fruit and veg shop where I had stayed the night, it was time to cycle between Lak la Hache and 70 Mile House in Canada. Part of my Pan-American Highway Bike Tour.

Lake La Hache Canada

Leaving Lak la Hache

(Blog post written: Sep 10 2009)

Lionel sorted me out with a coffee and a couple of apples in the morning before I set off – What a star!

Although the day started extremely misty, there was no wind at all, and the sky was soon cleared by the sun. Its amazing what can be achieved when a 40 km an hour wind isn't blowing in your face all day.

I reached the small settlement of 70 Mile House at just gone 14.00, and the RV park was only charging 10 dollars, so I dived in. It had a restaurant attached in which I massively overspent however, but I was just so hungry I couldn't stop eating.

Two beers at 5 bucks a time didn't help either.

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