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On this day of my bike tour from Alaska to Argentina, I cycled from Lompoc to El Capitan. Once there, I stayed in the Hiker/Biker site.

Cycling to El Capitan

The wind died down when the sun set, which meant that I had a good nights sleep. Hitting the road at 9.00, I stopped briefly for a coffee and then headed out on Highway One.

Not an awful lot to report, as the road went up and down through a series of valleys, whose hills were denuded of trees or distinction.

I reached the El Capitan campground to find that they wanted 10 dollars for a hike/bike site, the damned cheek of it! I’ll do my level best to avoid paying, although I’ll feel slightly guilty, as at night, some of the park volunteers gave me some wood for a fire.

I also managed to get WiFi, and recharged all my stuff in the restrooms, as I am the only person in this remote area of the campground.

Meeting Anne from Warmshowers

Anne got back in touch about meeting up for a drink in Santa Barbara tomorrow night, and I managed to find a hostel close by to where she suggested. If they have room free, I’ll stay one night and have a couple of drinkys!

The oil rigs off shore look really pretty at night all illuminated, and I can see my campfire blazing from the window in the east wing of my palace like tent!

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