Cycling from Marble Canyon to Lillooet in Canada

This bike touring blog post covers the section of cycling between Marble Canyon and Lillooet in Canada. This was part of my bicycle touring route from Alaska to Argentina. It also marks my first attempt at a bike touring video!

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Cycling from Marble Canyon to Lillooet

(Blog post written: Sept 12 2009)

The previous evening, I got talking to a motorcyclist at the campsite in Marble Canyon, who is travelling around the Americas to raise awareness of cell phone use whilst driving.

Its a worthwhile cause, and really, how hard is it not to use the phone when driving?? Keep your eyes on the road and watch out for cyclists!! His website is

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I got going early as I knew that the road ahead might be challenging – and it was! That said, it was some of the most enjoyable riding that I have done all trip, with some of the most scenic and panoramic views so far.

On reaching Lillooet, I cycled down to a campsite where a band was setting up to play in the evening. I was quite looking forwards to it, but they proved to be disappointing.

Still, a great day, and with a little time on my hands, I cobbled together a video – Its pretty amateurish, but give me a break its my first one, and things will get better!!!


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