Cycling from Samara to Nicoya in Costa Rica

A shorter day cycling in Costa Rica today. This bike touring blog post is the day's entry from cycling from Samara to Nicoya in Costa Rica.

An early start from Samara

Blog post written: April 9th 2010

I left at about 06.30, and started on the road back up out of Samara. There was some initial climbing, but after that, nothing too extreme, although the road was far from flat.

Cycling from Samara in Costa Rica

I had no intention of doing a long day today, and stopped frequently at little shops and one restaurant for breakfast.

With a little over 40 kms done, I entered the town of Nicoya and found a hotel. It made rather a pleasant change not to have lost half my body weight through sweat and be drenched in it !

Computer issues

I spent the afternoon messing about on the net, and went on an enormous food shopping spree to feed myself up and get dehydrated.

This evening, I am going to attempt to sort out my computer – the ridiculously small, pink, mini-laptop I've brought with me to update this website

The last 8 and a half months of travel have led to all manner of dust and grit getting into it, and it is now badly affecting the keyboard.

Some keys don’t work at all, and I will be typing away with the ones that do, when suddenly, the computer starts to recognise keystrokes as shortcuts, and begins to open and close new windows and programs.

Admittedly, I know as much about removing the keyboard and cleaning it of grit and dust, as I know about preventing it from getting there in the first place, but hey ho, there we go !

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