Cycling from Sahagun to Planeta Rica in Colombia

After a day off to get over a stomach bug, I continued cycling through Colombia on my bike tour from Alaska to Argentina.

Cycling to Planeta Rica

Blog post written: May 10th 2010

Planeta Rica in Colombia
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I wanted to use the internet in the morning before I left, so by the time I hit the road, it was about 08.30.

Initially, the cycling motion of lifting one leg up over the other made my stomach feel a bit weird, but it soon settled down, and I actually felt pretty strong.

The last 24 hours of food had mostly stayed in me which was a result, although I had a sugar craving all day, indicating I still need to build some reserves up.

The journey to Planeta Rica (odd name), was nondescript over rolling hills which I found reasonably easy.

On arrival in Planeta Rica, I took a 20 k peso room with fan and tv which was a bit small but clean.

The attached restaurant looked pricey, and it was at 9000 pesos for the almuerzo, but the soup and main course was excellent, and well worth the cash. A

t night, I managed to eat another full meal, so I seem to be on the road to recovery.

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