President Evo Morales visits Uyuni in Bolivia when I stayed there

During my bike tour from Alaska to Argentina, I spent some time in Uyuni Bolivia. When I was there, who should visit town but President Evo Morales!

President Morales in Uyuni 2010

Blog post written October 17th 2010

Another day off in Uyuni, the highlight of which being a visit to the town by the President of Bolivia, President Evo Morales.

He arrived in the town in a fleet of 4WD trucks to address a crowd of supporters, and to give some money from the federal budget to the region.

Actually, address the crowd is not entirely correct, as all President Evo Morales (the first indigenous president) seems to do, is sit down, wearing huge strings of garlands, whilst other people do the talking for him.

President Evo Morales visits Uyuni 2010


Later on, he went for a pizza on the plaza (random). I took this photo of him leaning over to kiss some old dear as he left the pizza place to get back in his vehicle.

(Sorry about the state of the photo, for some reason Bolivian security weren’t too keen on having a looming, shaven headed tramp like figure being too close to the President!)

Uyuni 2010

(Note – I now have 3 Freelancer jobs to do. In order to complete these jobs, it looks like I will be taking a couple of weeks off from cycling. If all goes well, I should be 400 dollars in profit by the end of it, which will help pay for the rest of my trip.)

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