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After cycling across the salt pans of Bolivia, I finally arrived at the small town of Uyuni where a day off was well deserved. Here's my blog post from the day.

Uyuni clock near ATM machine

Day off in Uyuni

Blog post written October 16th 2010

Heidi had arrived overnight from a 4WD trip across the salt pans, and so we planned to spend the next couple of days together before we each go our separate ways for the rest of our respective travels.

Much to do on the day off though, such as vital laundry, eating, and general wandering aimlessly through seemingly ever changing market stalls.

Bought some excellent bread (that can be a rarity in these parts!), and also some fruit, as I tried to change my all chocolate diet to a slightly more healthy one. An amazing amount of pizza places in Uyuni!

Note – It seem I have a couple of big Freelancer projects coming through.

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