Cycling from Puerto Escondido to Pochutla in Mexico

This day's bicycle touring blog covers the ride between Puerto Escondido and Pochutla in Mexico. Part of my bike touring adventure from Alaska to Argentina.

A Cold Coconut is a cyclist's friend

(Blog post written Feb 1st 2010)

The going was pretty good today, with the terrain generally flat. I passed through lots of small settlements filled with waves and smiles, as I cycled ever southwards.

Cycling between 08.00 and 10.00 is no problems at all, its at 11.00 the heat and humidity start to become unbearable. I stopped for lunch at a roadside restaurant, and managed to drink two coconuts with my meal.

Cycling from Puerto Escondido to Pochutla in Mexico

‘A cold coconut really is the perfect combination of nature at her finest, combined with mankind's most underrated invention – the refrigerator. The meal was ridiculously good as well, and all for 60 pesos.

From the restaurant, it was barely 10 kms to the transport hub town of Pochutla, the centre of which was a few K off the main highway.

I found a simple, but adequate room in Hotel Santa Cruz, and opposite was a Mercado, where I bought produce from a wide selection of fruits and vegetables. Also on the same street was an internet café, and a general store.

A good day, although I planned a much earlier start for the next.

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