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Nearing the border with Panama day by day, today's cycling took me from the town of Quepos to Uvita in Costa Rica. Here's my blog from the day.

Cycling through Costa Rica

(Blog post written April 13, 2010 – Bike touring diaries cycling Alaska to Argentina)

It rained quite heavily overnight, and although the skies were clear in the morning, as the day went on, clouds began to appear once more.

My route for the day was relatively short, with just over 60 kms distance to cover from Quepos to my intended destination for the day Uvita.

Again, the road was pretty easy, with only two short sections of dirt where they were making repairs.

African OIl Palm in Costa Rica

Along the way, I passed through some huge African Oil Palm plantations.

Costa Rica is a rich country, not just through ex-pat money, but its natural resources. The processing of these vegetable oils is a big industry here.

Oil Palm Plantation in Costa Rica

Uvita in Costa Rica

I made the town of Uvita before 12.00, and headed to hotel Tucan, which is a backpackers place that other travelers had recommended.

There was a camping option, which I wisely turned down, as the heavens opened in the afternoon, and deafening torrential rain poured down.

Ironically, when I spoke to my parents last, they had enquired about tropical storms, and I had replied that there weren't any. Dad – I stand corrected. It pisses down every afternoon ! (It is unseasonable however).

As always, some random drunk guy started talking to me in the hostel.

Drunk quote of the day – ‘ I never met a Costa Rican girl that could cook an egg'.

Deep stuff indeed.

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