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I stayed the night in Quesnel with a Warmshowers host, and then headed out to cycle to McLeese Lake in Canada. More bike touring stories from the road.

Cycling in Quesnel

(Blog post written: Sep 7 2009)

Coffee and bagels for breakfast, and after a chat and some photographs I was away.

Warmshowers hosts April and Less in Quesnel, Canada

I can never express how much I appreciate their kindness for putting me up for the night, and I really valued their time and company.

Leaving Quesnel

Given a spiritual boost by the good company of the last few days, I headed in the direction of Williams Lake. Unfortunately, the cycling itself was not so great today.

The road followed a ridgeway across the hills, which inevitably meant a lot of climbing, and the wind was relentless.

After only a couple of hours, it became painfully obvious that I was not going to make my target destination of Williams Lake, so I readjusted my goal, and aimed for McLeese lake instead.

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A hard day cycling in Canada

It was a hard slog, with huge winds buffeting me from every direction but the one that would help me out. The last ascent into McLeese Lake was an absolute killer, with the wind growing ever stronger.

At four o'clock, I headed to the McLease Lake Resort where I stayed the night in the tent. In the evening, my stove played up, which I really hope is just due to a low fuel level.

I ended up eating half a block of sweaty cheese, some spicy snacks of some sort, and some cold porridge. Ideal food to eat after cycling!

Now actually, all this may not have been a bad thing, because bizarrely, the porridge made with cold water and raisins tastes better than when its cooked. Breakfasts are certainly going to be quicker, and I could stretch to porridge for dinner from now on as well.

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