Day off in Sahagun – Recovering from stomach illness

During the first few days of cycling in Colombia, I suffered quite a bit with a stomach bug. This meant eventually I had to take a day off in Sahagun.

Bike touring in Colombia

Recovering from a stomach bug

Blog post written: May 9th 2010

Although toilet trips were still a pretty unpleasant experience, I felt as though I was getting a little better and had started to feel slightly more hungry again. Sahagun might have been a random place to take a day off, but I needed it.

I was at least coherent enough to realise that bike touring when sick had three immediate problems.

1. Shitting through the eye of a needle is not terrific, and I needed medicine.

2. I am running low on Pesos and need to visit an ATM machine.

3. I have only been given a 30 day visa for Colombia, making it tricky to cycle even if I am not ill. 

I solved the first two problems early on, and only time will tell if I solved the third one !

I will split my following days up into more manageable sections as I approach the Andes, and hopefully as I am getting better, the next day off will be in a weeks time in Medellin.

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