Cycling from Santiago Istata to Tehuantepec in Mexico

The bike touring blog post from the day's ride between Santiago Istata and Tehuantepec in Mexico. Part of my bike tour from Alaska to Argentina.

Cycling from Santiago Istata

(Blog post written Feb 3rd 2010)

I shouldn’t have worried about getting to sleep in the sweat box, although whether passing out through fatigue is a good thing is questionable.

I was looking forwards to a nice, easy day today, but alas it was not meant to be.

In fact, if anything, the first 70 kms was even worse than yesterday. More constant ascents and descents, with the additional soul destroying aspect of being able to catch glimpses of the ocean.

Why soul destroying ? Because I could now see just how little overall height I was achieving for all my efforts. I don’t think at any individual point I topped 300 metres, and yet I gained altitude of over 4 or 5 times that.

Cycling from Santiago Istata to Tehuantepec in Mexico

Another hot day cycling in Mexico

So, another hot and sweaty day, which made me more determined than ever to reach San Cristobal and take a few days off in the cooler climate there.

Along the roadside, I found a straw Sombrero (no not one of those ridiculous huge round things), which is far better for cycling in than my baseball cap.

The baseball cap always makes me overheat more, and leaves my right ear to burn and peel in the sun (the sun is always on my right hand side during the hotter parts of the day). The new find should solve this.

Dave Briggs Cycling from Santiago Istata to Tehuantepec in Mexico

Cycling to Tehuantepec

I was pretty shattered upon reaching Salina Cruz, and I had half a mind to stay there for the night, so I stopped off at an Oxxo to rehydrate and think about it.

Over the next half an hour, I downed more than two litres of water, so I was clearly thirsty!

Whilst standing outside, I got chatting to a truck driver, who said that he had passed me for two days running. We had a bit of a natter, and he bought me another bottle of water – cheers mate!

Re-hydrated and feeling a little better, I decided to push on the extra 15 kms to Tehuantepec. I located Hotel Oasis, and took a room which unfortunately was on the third floor.

Carrying the bike and trailer up three flights of stairs is not ideal after a 90km bike ride over tough terrain! After a much needed shower, I went for a wander around the town centre to buy supplies and use the internet. On checking my email, I found that Carmen of Animal Environments had transferred some money to me… Thank you very much Carmen !!

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