Cycling from Ticla to Tizupan – Bike Touring in Mexico

It's only when you are cycling in Mexico you realise how big the country actually is! This travel posts covers the section of cycling between Ticla and Tizupan.

Bike touring along the Mexican coastline

(Blog post written January 16th 2010)

I was up and away early from Ticla, which was a good thing, given just how strenuous the day turned out to be. It was a day of cycling up very steep inclines as the road followed the cliff line, to plummet back down to sea level as the road crossed a small bridge over a river running into the sea.


Bike touring in Mexico. Some of the coastline between Ticla and Tizupan

Amazing Views

Repeat that all day long, many times over, and the novelty soon wear thin. Granted, there were some amazing views, and I did get my first tarantula sighting.

My body seemed to be constantly in the red zone, when I far prefer it to be in the green or at a push orange. Way past exhaustion, I found a campsite just outside the tiny settlement of Tizupan, where I camped on the beach, and laid in a hammock underneath a palapa, drinking a cold beer and dozing off to the sounds of the waves.


Cycling from Ticla to Tizupan - Bike Touring in Mexico

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