Time off in Tupiza Bolivia

During my bike tour in Bolivia I took some time off in Tupiza to do some online work. Keep in mind this was 2010 – Was I the first digital nomad in Bolivia?

Was I the first digital nomad Bolivia has ever seen?

Blog post written November 8th 2010

Well, I thought that I had better write something, although I haven’t got a great deal to write about really!!

If you have been following my travelogue, you will know that I have been picking up Freelance writing work online, and that is what I have spent the last week or ten days doing here in Tupiza, Bolivia.

It’s all a bit of an experiment really – Whilst the jobs that I am taking on are relatively low paid, of course, the cost of living here in Bolivia is very cheap. So, it seems that if I am going to give this a go, then this is the country to do it in.

Working online during a bike tour

It’s a bit of a risk, a bit of a gamble doing this Freelance work online. The website that I use to pick up the jobs has a few loopholes, and it can be hit and miss finding good people to work for.

That said, I have been lucky, and my income has so far been just over the $500 mark. I have work ongoing and more coming in.

Dave Briggs in Tupiza


Welcome to my office !

To break this down (well, I haven’t got a lot else to write about right now, so I might as well write about this!), I need to earn a certain amount of money per day to make it profitable.

Daily Spend – £10.00

Daily earn –    £25.00

So, as you see I am not going to become a millionaire any time soon. HOWEVER, for every day that I earn that £20.00, I am paying for the day that I am stationary, and am saving for another day of travelling on the road. At this point in time, that is pretty important!

So, I will continue doing online jobs whilst here in Tupiza for as long as it is still profitable, and then move on after that.

My original plan, was to reach the most southern edge of Argentina for around Christmas time. This is almost impossible for me to achieve right now, and so now I predict the end of January unless a tonne of work turns up.

So there we go… That’s what I have been up to!

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