How to take the Athens to Chania Ferry

There is at least one Athens to Chania ferry a day, leaving at 21.00 from Athens Piraeus Port and sailing overnight to Chania arriving at 05.30 in the morning.

Anek lines operate a route from Athens to Chania in Crete

Reasons to take the Athens to Chania ferry

Although flying from Athens to Chania in Crete takes less than an hour, there are many reasons why you might prefer to go on the ferry.

This is the obvious choice for people who want to bring a vehicle along, for example.

The ferry to Chania in Crete from Athens might also appeal to budget travelers, as you can book a cabin on an overnight boat and avoid the cost of a hotel.

Our preferred website to compare and book your ferry ticket from Athens to Chania is Ferryhopper. Here, you can see all the ferry schedules and easily book your Greek ferry tickets online. 

Athens – Chania Ferry Services

In previous years, there were more choices on the Athens to Chania ferry route. In 2023 however, only the Attica Group provide crossings, with their ferry companies Anek Lines and Blue Star Ferries.

There is at least one ferry a day, and it leaves Piraeus Port at 21.00 in the evening, and arrives at 05.30 in Chania.

All of these ferries are big enough to take vehicles on, and come complete with shops, ATM machines, and places to eat.

Take a look at the latest timetables and book your ferry tickets here: Athens Chania Ferry Trip

Ferry to Chania in Crete

Chania is a popular destination with Greeks and visitors alike. We suggest that you book your tickets for the boat from Athens to Crete in advance, especially if your dates are not flexible. This is even more important if you want a cabin, particularly when traveling in July and August.

While it is possible to get some sleep in the provided seats, I personally will always get a cabin for overnight ferry trips in Greece. Getting a good night's sleep means you wake up refreshed and able to have a full day ahead of you when you arrive.

In 2023, a deck lounge seat costs around 43.00 Euros for the trip from Athens to Chania. A one bed cabin would start from 169 Euro.

Pricing for the two and three bed cabins is based on two or three passengers buying tickets together. So for example, a two be cabin would have ticket prices starting from 112 Euros each making 224 Euros for your own cabin.

Before you ask, no, I am not sure what happens if you book just one bed in a two bed cabin! Probably not worth trying though.

Book tickets here: Ferryhopper

Athens to Chania ferry – Blue Star Ferries

If you’ve been to Greece before, you are likely to have used Blue Star Ferries. This popular company offers the Athens to Chania ferry route for 2021 every other day.

Blue Galaxy is one of the company’s biggest ferries, at 192 metres long. Similarly to other ferries in Greece, it has a selection of places to sit and have a coffee, meal or drink.

You can read more about it here: Blue Star Ferry

This is an overnight ferry, leaving Piraeus at 21.00 or 22.00, and getting to Chania early in the morning. It is ideal if you are on a budget, as you can skip the hotel costs for a night.

Athens to Crete Ferry Price with Blue Star Ferries 

Deck seats cost 43 euro, and numbered seats cost a few euros more. Cabin beds start from 64 euro in a three or four person cabin.

Book tickets here: Ferryhopper

Athens to Chania ferries – ANEK Lines

For 2023, the Elyros from Anek Lines will run the Athens to Chania ferry route. Like the Blue Star ferries, they are overnight ferries, arriving at Chania port early in the morning.

Elyros offers the reserved airplane seat option. You can book either an economy seat, where you don’t have a designated seat, or a bed in a cabin.

Prices are the same with the Blue Galaxy.

Book tickets for travel from Athens to Crete by ferry here: Ferryhopper

Which Athens to Chania ferry should I choose?

It really depends on the day you want to sail! They are both fairly similar.

The only decision would be if Minoan Lines decide to also add a ferry to the Piraeus Chania route. I actually like Minoan, so would suggest taking this option if it is there, but there is nothing wrong with the others.

Getting your ferry tickets

It's all electronic nowadays. If for some reason the rules change, you'll be informed as you book online. Worst case scenario is you have to collect tickets at the port before you sail to Chania.

Allow plenty of time if that is the case, as there are often long queues. All in all, you will need to be at the Piraeus port at least an hour (or even more) before your ferry is due to depart.

Departing from Piraeus Port

All of the Chania ferries from Athens leave from Piraeus Port just outside Athens. If you haven’t taken a boat from Piraeus port before, it is best to get there well before your boat departs, as it might take you a while to find your gate.

Boats to Crete depart from Gates E2 / E3, which are clearly signposted in this map.

Getting to Piraeus Port from Athens

Using the Piraeus to Athens metro line to get into the city from the ferry terminals

You can get to Piraeus port by suburban railway, metro, bus, or taxi. If you have heavy luggage, a taxi might be the best solution, as neither walking not taking the shuttle bus in Piraeus might be practical.

If you are getting to Piraeus on the metro, allow at least 20 minutes to walk to your gate at the ferry port from the station. There is also a free shuttle bus that runs inside the port but it’s often full.

If you are using a taxi to get to Piraeus, the driver would know where to drop you off.

I've got a full article here on how to get from Piraeus to Athens centre. Just follow the instructions in reverse!

Alternatively, for a hassle free approach, you might also pre-book your Piraeus Port Taxi here.

Arriving at Chania Port (Souda)

The ferries don't actually arrive at Chania Town in Crete itself, but instead at nearby Port Souda. This is a few kilometres away from Chania Town, but is connected by public transport which is clearly signed.

Still, unless you have travelled with your own vehicle on the Athens Crete ferry, you might prefer to get a taxi.

You can pre-book a taxi from Port Souda in Chania to your hotel here.

Where to stay in Chania Crete

Now you know how to get to Chania in Crete, it's time to find somewhere to stay!

I personally recommend using Booking as a place to search for and book hotels in Chania online.

There's many different filters you can use to narrow down the accommodation best suited for you. To get you started, here's an interactive map of places to stay in Chania, Crete.

FAQ About Traveling from Athens to Chania in Crete

Some of my readers most commonly asked questions about taking the ferry to the port of Chania in Crete from Piraeus in Athens include:

How long is the boat ride from Athens to Crete?

The Athens to Chania ferry time varies depending on if you take the faster boats which run seasonally in the summer, or the regular boats. The high speed ferries to Chania from Athens take between 5 and 7 hours. The slower vessels take between 9 and 12 hours to reach Chania from Piraeus Port of Athens. 

How do you get to Chania Greece?

To take the ferry Athens to Chania service, you'll depart from Piraeus Port of Athens. You can also fly from Athens International airport to the airport in Chania Crete.

How much is a ferry from Athens to Crete?

The ferry Athens Chania ticket price starts at 40 euro per person. There are different tiers which will affect the price, for example if you want a numbered seat or cabin. Keep in mind that the faster a ferry is, the more expensive the ticket is likely to be.

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A complete guide on how to get the Athens to Chania ferry

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