How To Get From Piraeus To Athens – Taxi, Bus and Train Information

There are 6 ways you can travel from the port of Piraeus to Athens center and the airport. This guide will help you choose the best Piraeus port to Athens transport options.

All you need to know about getting from Piraeus port to Athens centre and Athens airport

One of the most popular questions I am asked, is how to get from Piraeus to Athens. This is because the Piraeus ferry port is a major transport hub.

People arrive by cruise ship to Athens here, and most Greek island hopping adventures also start and end at Piraeus. This guide lays out all the options to get from Piraeus port to Athens, using taxi, bus, and train. 

Arriving at Piraeus Ferry Port

Arriving at Piraeus ferry port can be a confusing experience, even for locals! As the ships dock and let off their passengers, a sea of people and suitcases froth uncontrollably. This is the country's main port, and it's very busy. 

Each person is on their own mission, whether it is to catch another ferry to a Greek island, travel from Piraeus to Athens centre, or catch a taxi from Piraeus Port to Athens Airport.

But don't panic! This guide has been written so that you know all the Piraeus transfer options before you go.

I've broken this travel guide into two main sections to make life easier. These are getting from the port to the centre, and getting from the port to Athens airport.

How to get from Piraeus to Athens Centre

Over the years, I have realised that people who want to travel from Piraeus to central Athens fall into two broad categories.

The first, are those visiting Athens on a cruise, who may spend just one or two days sightseeing in Athens before returning to their cruise ship.

The second, are people who have finished their Greek island hopping adventures, and now want to spend a couple of days in Athens.

As such, I've listed every conceivable transport option on getting from Piraeus harbour to Athens city center.

Piraeus to Athens Prepaid Taxi

If time is limited or you can't be bothered with the hassle of joining long queues to wait for a taxi, a prepaid taxi is a great option.

I personally recommend Welcome Pickups, as they have English speaking drivers, can provide extras such as SIM cards and maps, and meet you at the ferry gate in Piraeus holding up your name.

Best of all? The price is the same as if you take a taxi from the line.

** Check out their Piraeus to Athens taxi service and price here – Athens Piraeus Port Taxi **

Journey time – Approx 20-25 minutes in a taxi from Piraeus to Athens center.

Piraeus to Athens Taxi (Standard)

There are many taxi ranks at Piraeus Port and cruise terminals, with easily identifiable cars waiting to take passengers to their destinations in Athens.

The Athens taxis are all yellow with a black and yellow sign on the roof. Beware anyone walking up to you asking if you want a taxi – these may be unlicensed! Instead, head straight to the queues.

The one downside of getting a taxi from the lines at Piraeus, is that hundreds of other passengers that have arrived with you on the ship will all have the same idea! If your ship arrives at Piraeus at a busy time, be prepared to wait!

In my opinion, it is worth paying the little extra for a Welcome taxi to avoid the confusion and wait for a regular taxi ride.

Journey time – Approx 20-25 minutes in a taxi from Piraeus to Athens centre.

Piraeus to Athens Metro

Using the Piraeus to Athens metro line to get into the city from the ferry terminals

The metro is a convenient method of getting from the port at Piraeus to the centre of Athens. The one downside, is that it can be a ten minute walk from your ferry gate to the metro station itself.

If you're cool with this though, you'll find the price very nice at currently €1.40 for a metro ticket, which lasts for a total of 90 minutes on the metro system.

Be aware that the metro doesn't go directly through to Syntagma metro station, so you may need to change metro lines.

You will be going into Athens from Piraeus on the green line, and unless you need to stop earlier, you would probably get off at Monastiraki metro station.

From here, you have the choice to walk to your hotel if it is nearby, or switch lines to the blue line to get off at Syntagma Station which is the very heart of Athens city centre.

Another option is to carry on from Piraeus through to Omonia metro station, swap onto the red line, and then take the metro to the Acropolis metro station. If you are staying at a hotel near the Acropolis, this is where you would need to get off from.

Journey time – Approx 30 minutes depending on where you need to change lines.

Piraeus to Athens Bus

There are dozens of buses from the main Athens ferry port of Piraeus to different parts of Athens, but only two main ones apply for people travelling from the port into the centre of the city. These are the X80 bus and the 040 bus.

The X80 bus is probably the most convenient with people looking for easy connections between Piraeus and Athens centre.

Leaving the Piraeus cruise terminal, it has stops at Akropolis and Syntagma Square, although the service only runs between 07.00 and 21.30.

Just ask anyone at the port where the bus stop is, and they will point the way. The cost is around 4.50 euros per ticket, and it could be classed as a ‘tourist bus' – you are more likely to get a seat on this one!

The 040 bus from Piraeus into the centre of Athens runs 24 hours, and tickets are price at 1.40 Euros. The chances of getting a seat on this bus are going to be slim if you are travelling when everyone else does!

Prepare for a bit of a scrum, and if you are a family, keep together!

X80 Journey time – 30 minutes

040 Journey time – 50 minutes

Piraeus to Athens Shuttle Bus from Cruise Ships

If you have arrived at Piraeus port on a cruise ship, there is a possibility that a shuttle bus is included in your ticket. Check with your service provider for more details, or ask whilst you are on-board.

This can be a very easy way of getting into downtown Athens from the ferry port at Piraeus. You will need to make sure when and where the Piraeus shuttle bus takes you back to the port though!

Piraeus to Athens Hop On Hop Off Bus

The Athens hop on hop off bus is an interesting option of getting from Piraeus to Athens centre for people arriving in Athens by cruise ship

Another interesting option for people arriving on a cruise and spending just a day in Athens, is to check out the Athens Hop On Hop Off bus.

Generally speaking, I don't normally recommend this for people visiting Athens as it is a really easy city to get around. For people arriving at Piraeus port with limited time on shore excursions though, it could be ideal.

You get the opportunity to stop off at the most significant sites in Athens, have your transport taken care of, and even get some commentary!

** Check out more information on the Athens Hop On Hop Off bus service here – Sightseeing bus in Athens **

Journey time – As long as you need it for!

How to get from Piraeus to Athens Airport

If you've finished your cruise or Greek island hopping experience and it's time to fly home straight away, you'll need to get from Piraeus to Athens airport. There are several options to get to Athens International Airport, and I've listed them below.

Prepaid Taxi from Piraeus to Athens Airport

If you have to get straight to Athens airport from Piraeus, then a prepaid taxi may be your best option. This way, you have no waiting and no delays.

Your driver waits to greet you, you get straight in the taxi, and then it's off to the airport! Again, I'd recommend Welcome Pickups for this service.

You can find out more here about a prepaid taxi from Piraeus to Athens Airport – Piraeus Athens Airport Taxi.

Journey time – Approx 40 minutes depending on traffic.

Taxi from Piraeus to Athens Airport

Taking a taxi from Piraeus to Athens airport is the same as if you want to get into the city centre. Simply join one of the taxi rank queues, and a licensed taxi driver will take you there.

Flat rate fares should be in operation, and at the time of writing this was 54 euros during the day, and 70 Euros at night.

Journey time – Approx 40 minutes depending on traffic.

Metro from Piraeus to Athens Airport

Taking the metro from the ferry port at Piraeus through to the Athens airport terminals will follow the same procedure as getting into the centre of the city, along with a change of line. Take the metro from Piraeus Metro Station through to Monastiraki, and then swap lines to take the metro on to the airport. Keep an eye on your bags, especially on the change over between platforms.

Metro tickets for the route from Piraeus to the Airport cost 10 Euro.

Journey time – Approx 60 minutes depending on traffic.

Suburban Train from Piraeus to Athens Airport

A new suburban railway service now connects Athens airport and Piraeus port. At Piraeus the railway station is next to the metro station. You can ask anyone to point the way. From here, you can take a train which terminates at the airport.

Journey time – Approx 60 minutes.

Bus from Piraeus to Athens Airport

The X96 bus from Piraeus to Athens Airport is a direct service that runs 24 hours. The price for the bus is around 5 euros, and the journey time is 90 minutes. If you get a seat when you get on the X96 bus, then the journey is reasonable. If you have to stand all the way… well, better not think about it! In a rush to get to Elefthérios airport from Piraeus? You might want to avoid it.

Journey time – Approx 90 minutes depending on traffic.

Frequently Asked Questions

If the Piraeus travel guide above doesn't have enough information for you, I've also answered a few FAQ below!

How far is Piraeus to Athens?

The distance from Cruise Terminal B in Piraeus and Syntagma Square in Athens City Center by road is 13.5km (8.3 miles).

How far is Piraeus from Athens Airport?

The approximate distance is 45 kilometres to Athens airport from Piraeus. Due to the route that has to be taken, the journey can be around 50 minutes in light traffic – sometimes longer.

How do I get from Athens to Piraeus?

There are two options to get to Piraeus from Athens using public transport, which are the metro and bus. The quickest and easiest option is to take a taxi.

How much is a taxi from Piraeus Port to Athens centre?

The price for a taxi from the cruise terminal at Piraeus to the centre of Athens should be around 25 Euro.

How much is the bus from Piraeus Port to city centre?

Depending on which bus you take, the bus from Piraeus to the city centre of Athens is 1.40 Euros or 4.50 Euros for the express bus.

How much is the metro from Piraeus cruise terminal to Athens?

The fare is 1.40 Euros, and the ticket is valid for 90 minutes. You are also allowed to swap lines during this time.

Are there hotels near Piraeus port?

Yes, there are places to stay near Piraeus Cruise Port. If you have an early departure or late arrival take a look at these hotels in Piraeus Greece.

Plan your trip to Athens

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Dave Briggs visiting an island in GreeceDave Briggs
Dave is a travel writer from the UK who lives in and writes about Greece. As well as creating this guide on how to get from Piraeus Port to Athens, he's written hundreds of other insightful travel guides to Greek islands and destinations. Follow Dave on social media for travel inspiration from Greece and beyond:

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  1. Dave, Thank you so much for writing this informative article on how to get to Athens from the Port. We will be taking a prepaid taxi into Athens but wanted to know how to grab a taxi to get back to our ship at the end of the day? Is there an area that you can go and find a taxi?

    • I’m glad to hear that you found my article helpful!
      In regards to your question about finding a taxi back to the ship, there are taxi waiting areas throughout Athens where you can easily find a taxi. These stands can be found in popular tourist areas, near major landmarks, and in the city center. There’s one in Monastiraki square, and you’ll also find some near Syntagma Square and the Acropolis. Also, taxis will stop (if they are empty) by flagging them down. All official taxis in Athens are bright yellow – can’t be missed!!

  2. This sites is the most informative site i have visited.
    Is the X80 bus considered the express bus. Some sites refer to the price of the ticket for this bus as a day pass ? Is the 4-50 Euro fare one way or return.

    • Hi Roger,

      The X80 is classed as the express bus, making only a few stops along the way to Syntagma square in Athens.
      Note that the service normally only operates between May and October, and in 2020 didn’t run (as there were no cruise ships).
      It looks like there have been some changes to tickets, and it now costs 4.10 Euro for a daily ticket:
      The daily ticket is valid for all Athens Urban Transport Organization (OASA) means: buses, trolley-buses, trams and metro lines 1, 2 and 3 (to Koropi Station) networks and for the Suburban Railway (TRAINOSE) (route part including Magoula – Piraeus – Koropi). Valid for X80 bus line.
      Valid for 24 hours from its first validation.
      More info here:

  3. Great helpful website. Thanks! I wonder if you could help us make a decision though! We are spending 3 days in Athens at end of July/early August, followed by a week on Naxos (‘we’ is a family of four, two boys age 14 and 12). We check out of our Naxos accommodation on 8 August, and our flight back to the UK is late on 9 August. So…. option 1, overnight ferry sounds fun, arrives 5am at Piraeus on 9th, so we then have a day to spend with our bags, and on only a few hours sleep, before getting bus/train to the airport late afternoon. Or option 2, regular day time ferry and overnight hotel, maybe in Piraeus?? Will cost more, but less tiring. Just can’t decide! Any thoughts on pros and cons?

    • Hi Amanda,
      I would personally take the daytime option. The reason being is that there is a (very small) possibility that bad winds could delay ferries, or worst case, a strike might affect your departure. If you leave a little more room in the schedule, there would be more flexibility to work around it.
      Depending on what time the ferry gets in, you could stay at Piraeus (if you do, maybe go and check out the Niarchos center if you have time).
      Alternatively, you could just get into Athens center, and have an extra day there.
      Not sure how you are going about ferries, but Ferryhopper have a nice online booking site.
      Enjoy your time in Greece!

  4. We are looking to cruise with Pullmantur and will fly into athens international, Does the train go direct from the airport to the Piraeus Port? if so How much each way? And how far is it to catch the train from the airport and the cruise port?

    • Hi Paula,
      The suburban train goes directly from the airport to Piraeus about once an hour. The price is approx 10 euro from memory.
      Whilst the airport train station is within walking distance from the airport, you’d need to get an additional taxi from where it drops off to your cruise boat. Price for this will vary depending what dock you will leave from.

  5. The metro is that the same as the subway? Google gave the info to take the M1 from Piraeus to Theseiou, traveling time about approx. 15 mins travel time. Is that correct?

    • Hi,
      Metro is the same as the Subway yes, although you’ll notice that from Piraeus it doesn’t go underground for a while!
      Travel time sounds about right.
      Keep in mind depending on where you arrive in Piraeus, that the metro station may be some walk from where the boat docks.
      Safe trip!

  6. Hi Dave

    Firstly, you are a true legend for doing this site, and helping people out.

    Secondly, I’m hoping for some advice on plans I’ve narrowed down thanks to your site. Thinking getting ferry from Aegina in to Piraeus for 18:10, flight out of Athens Int to UK is at 22:20.

    Would that be enough time for train (the 18:44), or need an earlier ferry?

    • Hi Gooders!
      That sounds like there is enough time (it takes maximum 1.5 hours including walking around the port, waiting for train).
      A heads up though – there’s been an increase in strikes due to the unions not being happy with the new government. This week, the ferries are on strike for example for a day.
      We post up to date info in our group Real Greek Experiences
      Have a great time in Greece!

  7. Hi Dave,

    Just wanted to drop a note say a big thanks for the pointer to Welcome Pickups service.

    We came in to Piraeus with three hours to our flight leaving so we decided to book a pickup to make sure we would get to the airport in time. Could not be happier with the ride, great driver who met us with a name sign and new car (cannot be older than three years to be listed by Welcome Pickup). Also when we arrived at the port on a Sunday night there were multiple ferries coming in so there were not enough taxis there so we were happy that we could get moving straight away. The fee was only 2€ extra compared to a regular taxi which I believe is 54€. I would definitely recommend the service and I will for sure use it again.

    • Hi Marcus,
      Thanks for leaving a comment – it’s nice to know that these guides are helping people to travel around Greece.
      And also very good to hear you made your flight in time!!
      Piraeus can be quite stressful when arriving later in the evening, and the pre-booked taxi certainly takes the hassle away from it all.
      I hope you enjoyed Greece, and will return to see more of the country soon!

  8. Hi Dave,

    We’re taking the SeaJet speed ferry on Sunday, Aug 4th, arriving to Piraeus at 16:50. Our flight out of Athens is at 20:40. If we prearranged a taxi, do you think we have enough time to make the flight given how busy these next few weeks are in Greece? Also, are these ferries always late? I’ve been reading horrible reviews regarding delays, even in the off season. Thanks in advance for any advice!’

    • Hi Rachel,
      Given your timings, I would say the pre-arranged taxi is the only way to make the flight on time for check in.
      For me, I’d want a bit more buffer time, but it is what it is!
      On the ferry, make sure you are one of the first people in line waiting to get off!
      Ferries aren’t always late. Sometime they are even early depending on the route.
      Good luck!

  9. HI – I love the details – three questions – is there a specific address to put in when going from Piraeus to the Acropolis ? Secondly – does the taxi service also work in reverse? After touring we would want to get lunch (any recommendations of some of your favorite places?) and then get a ride back to the port – I just didn’t see that listed anywhere and didn’t know if this was an option as well. 3rd – if we do take the bus – how do we purchase tickets? Does a machine/ service accept credit cards?

    Thanks! We are excited for this stop on our honeymoon!

    • Hi Jessica,
      You can just put the acropolis and it would sort out the drop off point for you.
      Yes the service also works in reverse, so you could pre-book your return as well, however you would need to know your pick up point. It might be easier to put in the location of a nearby hotel you could head to.
      In terms of the bus – there should be a little kiosk near the queue. If not, you can most likely pay the driver although I’m not 100% sure on this. Cash is better than cards.

  10. Hi there!

    We managed to get from the Athens airport to Piraeus, now we would like to do the opposite.

    Our ferry should arrive around midnight, we don’t mind waiting a bit for the X96 but we didn’t want to wander the streets searching for a ticket kiosk. At the airport there were directional signs leading us to the salesman. My question is, where can we purchase tickets at midnight for the X96 from Piraeus to Athens airport?

    I’ve seen that the bus drivers sell them but.. on our first journey we saw no one stop and do anything with the driver, and not having any Greek speaking experience we didn’t want to get stuck at the moment of departure pleading for a ticket that may or may not be sold by the driver.

    Thank you!

  11. Hi Dave,
    If my ferry is supposed to land at 1445 and my flight out of Athens is at 2140, do you think I have enough time to stop off and do a tad bit of sight seeing or stop for a dinner near the acropolis before needing to go to the airport?

    • Hi Blake,
      Yes, but if I was you, I would want to be leaving at 18.30 at the latest from Syntagma Square, as you should be at the airport 2 hours before the flight leaves.

  12. Hi there, would appreciate your suggestion to maximize 3 days to see Athens and Santorini
    Possible arrival into Athens from Milan on Thursday and need to be back to Milan by Sunday
    Would like to be able to have one leg to Santorini by Ferry
    Apart from itineary Appreciate if you could also suggest place to stay
    Much Appreciated

  13. We are disembarking 9am on a Monday in late September from a cruise in the port Pireaus. Then hopping on a plane to Paros Island that departs at 1:20pm.
    Do you think this is ample time ( to disembark and travel to airport ) are check in procedures long if staying within the Greek islands?

    • Hi Susan,
      As long as your boat arrives on time, everything is timed very well.
      I would strongly recommend pre-booking your taxi (details in article)from Piraeus to the Airport.
      Most people suggest getting to the airport 2 hours before departing flights.
      It’s likely 1 hour would still give you enough time to check in luggage (it would cut it a bit close for my tastes though).


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