How to get from Chania Airport to Chania Town

You can take a local bus or a taxi from Chania Airport to Chania Town, and the distance is about 14kms.

best ways to travel from chania airport to chania town

Chania is Crete's second largest city, and a popular tourist destination for its laid-back atmosphere, beaches and the Venetian Harbor which is the city's main attraction.

Chania is also a good access point for international travelers who can fly in, spend a few days in Chania, and then continue on to explore some more of the island of Crete.

If you're planning to spend a few days in Chania, this guide on getting from Chania Airport to Chania Town should help to get you started.

Arriving At Chania International Airport Ioannis Daskalogiannis

While Chania's airport is an international one, it has the feel of a small regional airport. As you step outside the arrival terminal, you will see a sign indicating where to find the taxis and buses to Chania town.

chania airport transport signpost

The bus is the cheapest way to travel from Chania airport to the town, and most people will find this the most convenient method of transportation.

One exception might be in the busy summer months, when there's a lot more people traveling. At this time, you might prefer to take a taxi from the queue or pre-arrange a taxi to meet you at the airport. You can do that here: Welcome Pickups

Bus from Chania Airport to City Center

The simplest and the cheapest way to travel to Chania city centre from the airport is to take a local bus. The last time I used the bus in January 2023, a one way ticket from the airport into Chania town cost 2.30 Euros and the journey took between 20 and 30 minutes.

Chania Airport Bus

The Chania airport buses are a light blue/green colour, and are operated by KTEL Chania. Check out their website to find up to date timetables and pricing. You can also buy tickets online through this site if you wish.

ktel bus kiosk chania airport

During the summer, if you prefer to buy bus tickets for the Chania airport bus to the town on arrival, you get them at the kiosk close to where the buses depart Chania airport. This is to the right as you exit the terminal building.

In the off-season, which is when I last traveled, you have to buy the tickets for the bus from Chania airport to Chania town from the bus driver. Note: The driver doesn't have card machine, so you either have to pay cash, or buy a ticket after you arrive at the KTEL station in Chania town.

Chania Airport Bus Ticket

The Chania airport bus terminates at the Chania Town KTEL bus station, just outside the historic center.

One thing to keep in mind, is that public transport in Greece can be very crowded in the peak travel months of July and August. If you are traveling with a lot of luggage, or just don't want the hassle, taking a taxi may be better for you.

Taxi from Chania Airport to Chania City Center

If you are traveling as a family, or in the busiest summer months when buses may be crowded, a taxi ride could make a lot of sense. There's a taxi rank directly opposite the arrivals terminal.

Taxi kiosk outside Chania airport

At the taxi rank, you will see a board with set prices to Chania town and other destinations in Crete. When I last visited, the price of a taxi fare from Chania Airport into the center was listed at 23 Euros. I suspect the prices change as the year goes on, and it may be a little higher in the summer months.

Expect the travel time for taxis from Chania airport into the town to be around 20 minutes depending on traffic. Depending on exactly where you are staying, the taxi driver might be able to get you directly to your hotel door, but more likely than not, will have to leave you a little distance away. Chania town is a warren of small alleyways (part of its appeal), and traffic is not always allowed in certain parts.

During August, you can expect long lines at the taxi rank at Chania airport. You might prefer pre-booking a ride rather than waiting around, and the cost is not that much more than if you waited in the queue.

You can pre-book a taxi to pick you up when your flight arrives at Chania Airport by using: Welcome Pickups

Car Rental At Chania Airport

There is actually a third option, and that is to rent a car at the airport and then drive it into Chania Town. This may be a good choice if you want to explore Crete on your own and don't mind doing the driving yourself.

The downside, is that parking is impossible in Chania old town, so this is only viable if you are staying outside the city center. Even then, you'd need to check with your hotel that there is parking available. Read this for the pros and cons of car rental in Chania.

For car rentals in Chania and the rest of Crete, I recommend using: Discover Cars

Return Journey

It's all straightforward planning your return journey from Chania town back to the airport. The bus runs directly from the KTEL station, making a few stops on the way until it reaches the airport.

Chania ktel ticket office

You'll need to buy the ticket at the ticket office in the station, and I suggest not leaving this until the last minute especially in the summer. In August, the airport bus may be packed with other passengers, and so you might want to get a taxi instead.

By the way, the KTEL station has some luggage lockers, so you can leave your bags there if you have some time to kill before checking out of your accommodation and taking the bus. The costs were 2 Euros for 8 hours of storage.

You would also take the bus from Chania Town to Heraklion from the KTEL station.

Chania Tips

  • The New Archaeological Museum of Chania is worth visiting if you'd like to find out more about Ancient Greek history in the area.
  • There are many hotels and boutique lodgings in the historic center, so you won't be short of a place to stay. I recommend Booking as the website to find accommodation in Chania.
  • Staying a few days in Chania, and interested in taking a day trip? Check out Get Your Guide for tours to the Samaria Gorge and beyond!

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Chania Airport Transfers FAQ

Some of the most common questions about transportation from Chania Airport to Chania Town include:

What is the best way to get from Chania Airport to Chania City Centre?

The easiest and most cost-effective way to travel between Chania Airport and the city centre is by bus. If you are travelling with heavier luggage or it is peak season, then a taxi from Chania Airport may be the better option.

Where can I buy a bus ticket for the Chania airport bus?

If you are looking to buy a bus ticket from Chania Airport to the city centre, use the kiosk just outside the airport, and if it is closed, buy your ticket for the bus trip from the bus driver.

Where does the Chania bus to the city center leave from the airport?

The bus from Chania Airport to the city centre leaves directly from the airport's arrivals terminal. The bus makes several stops before it reaches its final destination in Chania Town KTEL station.

How much is a taxi from Chania Airport to Chania Town?

The price of a taxi fare from Chania Airport into the center is usually around 23 Euros, although prices may change as the year goes on and be higher in summer months.

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