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For this trip of cycling from Alaska to Argentina, I have decided to use a trailer instead of rear panniers. My trailer of choice is the Bob Yak.

There are others available, but the Bobyak trailer is more widespread, and by definition, more field tested. I have never ridden with a bicycle trailer, so it should be a learning curve !

Dave Briggs cycling in Colombia with a Bob Yak trailer

Some more info –
The BobYak's low center of gravity, narrow profile, and versatile capacity, enables road tourists to travel in style while getting the weight off of their bike's frame.

Because the Bob Yak's wheel perfectly tracks the rear wheel of your bike, the trailer is also ideal for off-road trails. The trailer works well with full suspension bikes.

Features of the Bob Yak:

  • Patented BOB attachment system
  • Attaches quickly and easily – in a matter of seconds
  • Single wheeled performance and cargo versatility
  • Trailer tracks rear wheel of bicycle – ideal for narrow roads and single track
  • Low centre of gravity for stability
  • Keeps the weight off your bicycle for improved handling and performance
  • 70 lb capacity lets you carry all your gear for touring or stuff for commuting
  • Chromoly construction for strength and durability
  • Rear wheel features aluminium rim, stainless steel spokes and cartridge bearings for performance and durability

Edit – 01/08/09  —  After 2 weeks of using the Bob trailer, I have to say that I am not entirely happy with it. traveling uphill on a gravel track is a lot harder work that if I was using just racks and panniers. I've learned to load it a little better now, and hope that the road ahead will be easier. I'll update again in another couple of weeks.

Edit 08/11/09 —  Ok, now, after three months of cycling with the Bob, I am more of a convert. Sure, I am travelling slower, and the hills still seem painful at times, but the Bob proves to be versatile. In addition,. every time I see a bicycle tourist with a broken rear spoke, I am thankful that I chose the Bob Yak over panniers !!

Edit 13/02/10 – The Bob Yak is still performing admirably, and certainly brings in friendly conversations from the locals of the countries I pass through! There have been no technical problems so far, and what has surprised me a great deal, is how little the tyre has worn. Seven months, still on the same tyre !

A year into the trip, and i have to say that the Bob Yak trailer is more than holding its own. Its well built, sturdy and reliable… and that's exactly what you want from a long term piece of bicycle touring kit!

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