Cycling from Buenaventura to Loreto in Mexico

Continuing my cycling trip across Mexico, today's route took me from Buenaventura to Loreto. Part of my Pan American Bike Tour.

Leaving Buenaventura

After a couple of cups of coffee, it was time to get going again. Now, everyone that I had spoken too, had said that this next stretch of road to Loreto was flat. Wrong, wrong, wrong! Many rolling hills!

Loreto in Baja CaliforniaBy Omar1976 – Own work, Public Domain,

It probably didn’t help that my food bag was stuffed to overflowing, but my legs certainly felt this stretch! Still, its all in a days work, and I reached Loreto 90kms later in the mid afternoon.

I was aiming to stay at the Loreto Shores RV Park, but I never found it. Instead, I stayed at the Rivera Del Mar RV Park, which was not only cheaper, but also had great hot showers and free WiFi.

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