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After a nice breakfast, it was time to cycle from Cat Lake to Porticeau Cove as I continued cycling across Canada and toward the US border.

Video of me washing dishes

(Blog post written: Sep 18 2009)

I think I filmed this video at Cat Lake in the morning before cycling towards Porticeau Cove. Early days of YouTube and my channel!

Leaving Cat Lake

A bit of rain through the night, and a light drizzle in the morning which soon cleared up. I stopped off in the town of Squamish for a coffee and to visit tourist information so that I could plan my route ahead.

I decided that it would be best to catch the Monday ferry to the USA, as this would mean I could cycle into Victoria on the Sunday when traffic would be theoretically quieter.

With this plan in mind, it was just a matter of picking good places to camp at the right intervals.

Porticeau Cove Camping

Camping at Porticeau Cove was 10 dollars for a walk in site, and was a relatively short day, which gave me time to read the book Anna had kindly given me. (Yes, its a bit far fetched and tried to be overly-clever, but its not as bad as that Danielle Steele book I endured).

In the evening, I lent my bike pump to someone on the campground so that they could inflate the tyre on some canoe carrying trolley contraption, and I got repaid with a beer. Word must have spread that I never say no to a beer!!

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