Yet Another day off in Cajamarca

My last day off in Cajamarca in Peru, where I was resting to prepare for more cycling through the mountains. Part of my Alaska to Argentina bike tour.

Final day In Cajamarca

Today had a really quiet feel to it, seeming very much like a lazy Sunday. In hindsight, this might have been a good day to exit the city of Cajamarca, but with an early start tomorrow (Saturday), it shouldn't be too bad.

Time to clean the dirty bike

I've been thinking about the route ahead, and am becoming more undecided as to whether I need to go to Trujillo or not.

The bike is currently running fine, although I suppose a good service wouldn't hurt it any. However, there does seem to be a little cycled route carrying on through the mountains to take me to the town of Huaraz.

I think I will wait until I reach a junction point, and make my mind up closer to the time.

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