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On this day of my Pan-American bike tour, I crossed the border into El Salvador when cycling from Chiquimula to Metapan. Here's my blog from the day.

Cycling Across Borders

(Blog post written March 11 2010)

A nice early start, with a slight detour back to McDonald's for breakfast to fill myself up on healthy goodness.

Which was probably just as well, because today's cycling was a tough one.

All uphill to the border with El Salvador, against strong winds, and in ridiculous heat.

The border crossing itself was straightforwards, and apparently, the Guatemala entry visa which was for 90 days is valid also for El Salvador and Honduras.

Lorries queuing to go to El Salvador

There was a bit of a lorry queue on both sides of the border – Some of the guys had slung hammocks beneath their trailers to be shaded from the sun!


Thankfully, after another 5 kms of uphill, it was a wonderful downhill pedal free ride into the town of Metapan. They use US dollars in El Salvador, and a hotel room was 8 dollars.

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