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A guide to cycling in El Salvador, based on my own bike touring experiences. Expect a chilled vibe and super-friendly people when bikepacking El Salvador!

Bike touring in El Salvador

Bicycle Touring in El Salvador

Dave Briggs cycling in El Salvador

El Salvador might not be the first country that springs to mind when planning a bike touring trip, but it's got a lot to offer. Incredible, if not sometimes challenging coastal roads, super friendly people, and it's definitely easy on the wallet.

Most people cycling in El Salvador do so when passing through on a longer bike tour. Indeed, that's how I found myself cycling through this small Central American country in 2010 when on the way from Alaska to Argentina by bike.

Camping whilst bike touring in El Salvador

If you're looking for some rough and ready bike touring blogs from the road about cycling through El Salvador, that's what I've got for you here. I'll also share my impressions and memories from the trip.

If you're looking for more up to date information, you'll probably have to look elsewhere. Until I head back there again one day on the bike, that is!

El Salvador – Quick facts and travel tips

Currency: USD
Cycling conditions: Pretty good, although some annoying motorists on one day!
Favourite food: Pupusa
Beaches: There's some nice beaches in El Salvador and good surfing apparently, although I was too busy cycling to notice.
Wild Camping: Possible, but you'd need to choose your spots well. Ask at churches or gas stations.
Costs: It was a pretty cheap country to cycle through when I was there!

Lago Coatepeque

Bike Touring Route El Salvador

The route I took when cycling in El Salvador looked more or less like this:

Memorable Moments

  • Being interviewed by a random El Salvadorean News Channel
  • Camping near volcanoes
  • Racing a food and drink seller and winning. Obviously.

El Salvador Bike Touring Blogs

During my bike ride through El Salvador, I wrote a blog post a day, as I did with the rest of my Pan Am bike tour. Here's the bicycle touring blogs for you to check out:


Bike touring in El Salvador


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