Copacabana, Bolivia – A little sightseeing and work online

When I cycled from Alaska to Argentina, I wrote a blog post a day. This post is from a day of the bike in Copacabana in Bolivia.

Day off in Copacabana

Blog post written September 27th 2010

Another day off in Copacabana, in order to finish off the work that I had taken on through Not a lot to report as I spent a few hours typing, although there was still time to visit the pop corn place to by another bag!

Copacabana pop corn for sale


Very tempting just to buy that big blue bag. Figure it would have lasted at least a month !

The Moorish style church in Copacabana


The Moorish style church in Copacabana

Ornate door in Copacabana


I found this doorway down an alley. Lovely carving !

A little wander around the parts of town that I hadn’t seen over the last couple of days filled up the afternoon, and at night, Heidi and I went back to the same restaurant which offered pretty good food at reasonable prices.

We both leave tomorrow, Heidi to go directly on a bus to La Paz, whilst I will take two days to cycle there. In La Paz, we will meet up again for one more time before going our separate ways for a few weeks.

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