Cycling around Lake Kluane to Haines Junction in Canada

Continuing my cycling journey in Canada, today's route saw me circuit around Lake Kluane. A wonderful day with great views!

Bike Touring in Canada around Lake Kluane

(Blog post written August 2009)

Cycling around Lake Kluane in Canada

I decided to have breakfast in the restaurant before I left Burwash Landing, as I've been feeling a lot hungrier over the last few days. Well worth it at 10 dollars, but I could easily have eaten another one.

David, Will and myself were all heading for the same destination of Haines Junction, but as we all cycle at different speeds, we went on separately.

On reaching Destruction Bay (one of the few places to buy some supplies from), I saw Cass and Dan again. It's really funny how everyone leapfrogs and crosses each other when cycling the Pan-American route.

Cycling around Lake Kluane in Canada

A good day cycling Lake Kluane

After catching up, I carried onward on what proved to be the most enjoyable days cycling so far. There was a slight tailwind, the sky had cleared a little, and the road took me around beautiful Lake Kluane.

I managed to see a bear today, and it looked pretty big, and also pretty close. It was down near the side of the road, and a motorist pulled over from the other side to scare it back, whilst I cycled around him.

No photos though unfortunately, although at the same time, I didn't get eaten either.

Descending into Haines Junction

There were a couple of big climbs at the end of the day, but the descent into Haines Junction was more than worth it.

I went on a ridiculous eating frenzy when I had set up, and finished virtually everything with the exception of my emergency supplies over a glorious 4 hours of eating.

Cycling around Lake Kluane

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