Cycling from Joy to Fairbanks in Alaska: Bike touring in Alaska Day 9

Today was the final day of phase 1 of the bike tour through Alaska, and saw me cycle from Joy to Fairbanks. It had been challenging due to my knee, but mission accomplished!

Cycling into Fairbanks Alaska

Cycling from Joy to Fairbanks

(Blog post written: Thursday 30 July 2009)

The shorter day yesterday, and the extra rest did my knee some good, but it was far from perfect.

Still, I had resolved to reach Fairbanks no matter what, and I would just take it at a more slower pace.

Not that I had a great deal of choice in the matter considering that my left knee wouldn't bend properly, and that's kind of important if you want to ride a bike.

To be honest, I'm not sure how I managed another ten hours of cycling, and I would rather not think about it.

I reached the GoNorth hostel at 18.30 ish, and booked my tent site for 3 nights, although I may choose to extend this to five in order to rest up a little.

When setting up my tent, I noticed that Koko, Cass and Dan had also turned up, and I talked to Cass and Dan well into the night.

So anyhow, stage 1 of the Pan-American cycling trip was now complete, not without its difficulties. I hoped that stage 2 of cycling to the Canadian border, would be a lot smoother!

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