Cycling from Colchani to Uyuni in Bolivia

This short blog post entry covers cycling from Colchani to Uyuni in Bolivia.  This was part of my cycling tour from Alaska to Argentina.

Oct15 2010 – The ride from Colchani to Uyuni

Only a short days cycling of some 20 odd kms today, so no need for an early start. On the way out of Colchani, we bumped into a Swiss cyclist coming in the opposite direction.

Cycling the salt pans in Bolivia


Showing us the way to the main road. He was cycling to Incahuasi, and then planned to head north instead of carrying on to Llica.

Although the road ahead for him would be slightly easier, he would be cycling against the predominant wind direction. After swapping a little info on our prospective roads ahead, we carried on.

A battered old truck in Bolivia

Heading to Uyuni

The road from Colchani to Uyuni wasn’t as bad as I had been led to believe, and there were plenty of alternative tracks to take to avoid the worst sections.

On nearing Uyuni, we saw a car wash, and cycled in there to get the bikes washed down. The build up of salt was quite considerable, and it was 5 Bs well spent!

Then into the town itself, which revolves solely around tourism out onto the Salar de Uyuni. We found a hotel Avenida, and then it was high five time. Cycling across the Salar de Uyuni – No worries!!

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