Cycling from near Pituil to Chilecito in Argentina

This bike touring blog post was written on the day's cycling between Pituil and Chilecito in Argentina. Here's what I got up to.

Bike Touring Argentina

Written January 29th 2011

I need to start writing this, by mentioning that I had already written this at one point, but then accidentally deleted. So, my memory being quite shocking, I am quite likely to have missed something out!!

Anyhow, I made another fire in the morning for coffee and porridge, which took a while to get going as it had rained just a little over night.

Cycling the road to Chilecito

With that out of the way, it was onto the road. Here, my bad memory comes into play. As nothing particularly stood out, I can only assume it was pretty easy cycling!

Anyhow, I made Chilecito City, and found a cheap(ish) place to stay in the centre. Probably wouldn’t have been to everyone’s taste, but it doesn’t bother me any!

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