Cycling from San Blas to Near Pituil in Argentina

Another day spent cycling in Argentina, this time between the town of San Blas and a wild camping spot near Pituil. Here's my blog touring post from the day.

Clouds and rain in Argentina

Punctures and rain

Blog post written January 28 2011

Another mixed day really. I managed to get a WiFi signal at the campground from somewhere, so I checked some email and then hit the road.

It was only when I rounded a corner that I realised just how dark the sky was in the direction that I was headed in. In fact, I don’t think I have seen clouds that dark before!

Needless to say, the heavens opened a half hour into my journey, on top of which, I also got as puncture in the front tyre. Terrific.

I managed another 3 kms, and then pulled into a bus stop shelter to repair it. In Salta, I had bought some new, thinner tyres in order that I could cycle faster and more efficiently.

They are working, but the drawback is, that they are getting punctures a lot more frequently, so overall I am probably not saving that much time and energy.


Finding a wild a camping spot

Eventually, the rain swapped from torrential to just plain pissing down, and so I could continue. Not a spectacular day in terms of scenery, and strong winds picked up around the town of Pituil.

dave briggs wild camping in argentina

I managed another 10 km or so out from the town, and then called it a day at kilometre 3929ish, where there was a shelter on the left hand side of the road. It seemed just the job, and so I decided to wild camp and set my tent up under there. As fuel was low for the stove, I cooked over an open fire.

Wild camping near Pituil in Argentina


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