Cycling from Tupiza to nr, Mojo in Bolivia

After an extended stay in Tupiza Bolivia, I resumed my bike tour from Alaska to Argentina. Today, I cycled from Tupiza to a wild camp spot near Mojo.

Finally leaving Tupiza

Blog post written December 13th 2010

After a last check of the internet, I finally left Tupiza! When I started out on this trip, I always had the ambition to stop places along the way, and earn some cash with the hope of extending my travels.

Of course, the reality is, that spending two months in front of a computer screen is a little dull, and leaves you quite unfit!

leaving tupiza by bicycle


So, it was onto the road, getting both used to cycling and the balance of the bike again.

The road was under development, and there were rough sections followed by incredibly smooth ones. When the road is finished, probably within the next year or so, it is going to be extremely quick cycling!



For the most part, I had no problems, but one big hill around lunchtime had me struggling, and I stopped near the top for a pick me up lunch of noodles.

Well, I thought that I was near the top. It was actually no where near, and I spent the rest of the afternoon going uphill.

I must admit to doing no research into the road from Tupiza to Salta, and in my mind, I should have been going downhill all the way. Obviously not!

A train in the middle of nowhere bolivia

It probably seemed harder having gone from zero exercise to quite a lot in one day, and in addition, my gear felt even heavier than normal.

Cycling out of Tupiza

(To add to my random collection of items that I am carrying, include one full sized computer keyboard).

About 30 minutes after the town of Mojo, I pulled over to the right hand side on a nice flat piece of land, and set up a wild camp for the night. Day one over!

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